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“A dream as they would be in MÖRK BORG. Or is it just a visit to CUBE VIOLET?”

From the West, Fire

“A Guide to the Apocalypse by King Sigfum the Kind”

Currently unavailable

Hymnal of The Damned

Concept: “eight sorrowful songs for your adventures to recite around the campfire” 
Content: A collection of hymnals in Latin and English.
Writing: Focused on the major sites and figures of the Dying Lands, in mournful detail.
Art/design: Stylized metallic book covers surround parchment with two-column text.
Usability: Available print-friendly or aged.  

Restful Spirits

Concept: “Restful Spirits is an optional rule for dealing with cranky ghosts in Mörk Borg. It was inspired by Emmy Wahlbäck and her character Grin.”
Rules to soothe the restless dead. A poem to rest your weary head.
Rules embedded in verse that uplifts rather than shies away from the dead.
Charming colored sketches illustrate proper ghost etiquette alongside the text.
Suitable for use in a child-friendly Mörk Borg hack.

Tales and Poetry of Sarkash

Concept: “The forests of Sarkash are nourished by the dead and feed upon the weak. The inhabitants of this land used 'folksy' tales and poems for centuries to teach each other how to survive this brutal land.” 
Content: Rules to get lost by, monsters to be caught by, and places to be haunted by. With diseases, flora, fauna, artifacts, tables, fables, and poety to distract you from the darkness.
Writing: Folktales, poetry, and marginalia shed light on the dark canopy of Sarkash.
Art/design: Muted warm palette to hide from the illustrated terrors it contains inside.   
Usability: A organized and legible guidebook for any who wander Sarkash. 

The Loneliness of the Múrmaiden

Concept: “How the protagonists have learned that there is no power stronger than love”
A twisted archetypal comedy in 4 acts; emphasizes weirdness over grimness
Presented as a script for stage; full of humor and clever wordplay
Makes powerful use of a limited palette of vivid colors in traditional page layouts and images
A fairly linear adventure; as a document, easy to read and use

Thoughts and Prayers

7 contributors
Concept: “100% of the benefits are to be donated to Direct Relief.” 
Content: A porcine-deity crawl, NPCs to murder, a fallen angel hunt, more ways to break your body, d66 murder implements, a weird egg, some cool essays, and stuff for those other Kartell games.
Writing: Some great insight into how to run or design for rules light games, along with some truly Miserable examples.
Art/design: Dark, gritty, a little messy, and fun. 
Usability: You can identify the Swedish printing by (paper) weight. I’ll give you a hint, the title can be abbreviated TP. 

To Hell And Galgenbeck

Concept: “Are we not doomed? Oh yes, we are! There is a lot to check! So grab your stuff and go with us To Hell & Galgenbeck”
Content: One completely doomed webcomic. 
Writing: Begins in verse, but we’ll have to see where it ends up. 
Art/design: A grotesquery of anatomically detailed illustrations in heavy black line weight. Colored in vivid yellow, neon pink, and titanium white.
Usability: Next and Previous icons for navigation. Which way to Galgenbeck? Hell if I know! 

Uncle Bogdan’s Tale of Two Sons

An ancient tale from Uncle Bogdan about two sons who experienced unpleasantness.

Whispers of the Dead Saint

Concept: “When Dödz Bringare, a professional killer of the undead, is arrested for public disorder, he finds himself press-ganged into searching for a nobleman's dead wife. 
Content: An undead slaying, mercenary banding, Kergüs crawling, double-crossing, Misery of a novella. Complete with a set-piece dungeon and ghoul slayer class.
Writing: Relatable human foibles beneath healthy piles of loosed viscera.
Art/design: Bloody, jagged, and bleak illustrations match the struggle of a doomed mercenary company blow for blow.
Usability: Available in print, ebook, or audiobook formats. 
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