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poetry & prose


“A dream as they would be in MÖRK BORG. Or is it just a visit to CUBE VIOLET?”

From the West, Fire

“A Guide to the Apocalypse by King Sigfum the Kind”

Currently unavailable

Restful Spirits

Concept: “Restful Spirits is an optional rule for dealing with cranky ghosts in Mörk Borg. It was inspired by Emmy Wahlbäck and her character Grin.”
Rules to soothe the restless dead. A poem to rest your weary head.
Rules embedded in verse that uplifts rather than shies away from the dead.
Charming colored sketches illustrate proper ghost etiquette alongside the text.
Suitable for use in a child-friendly Mörk Borg hack.

The Loneliness of the Múrmaiden

Concept: “How the protagonists have learned that there is no power stronger than love”
A twisted archetypal comedy in 4 acts; emphasizes weirdness over grimness
Presented as a script for stage; full of humor and clever wordplay
Makes powerful use of a limited palette of vivid colors in traditional page layouts and images
A fairly linear adventure; as a document, easy to read and use

Uncle Bogdan’s Tale of Two Sons

An ancient tale from Uncle Bogdan about two sons who experienced unpleasantness.

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