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holiday themed

Birth of the Unsaint

“A bleak look at the birth of a supposed saviour, and your quest to end it before it is fully realized.”

Bloodlusting Nutcracker

“Roll one of each d4-d12 to build a Bloodlusting Nutcracker.”

By Nechrubel’s Heart

Concept: “Until the world blackens and burns, until the Miseries are unleashed, and even beyond to the Shimmering Fields. We belong together and to each other.”
A Valentine’s greeting and a gross, blackened heart
Includes a short missive and mechanics for the Misery-defying heart
Black on yellow. Hearts. Grungy typefaces and textures. Mörk Borg.
If only we’d had this to give to our friends in grade school

D66 Presents from Santa

“This is a wonderful list of definitely not cursed gifts from Santa.”

Flails at Chrimbo

Concept: “Your insane sister apparently sent the children Flails this Christmas. Flails!”
A sandboxy, randomized crawl through streets beset by flail-wielding tykes. (Yes, it is as dark and hilarious as it sounds.)
Multiple tables for different types of encounters, suggested destinations, and a grim finale
Primarily textual, but well-organized to do its work effectively
Facilitates linear flow through the document


“Advent related monster hunting and making blood sacrifices to the antichrist...”

Holiday Hellions

“Holiday Hellions is ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ on 24/7 repeat: sure, it's a banger but you will go insane, guaranteed.”

Holidays, feasts and miseries of the dying world.

Concept: “Calendar where you can mark in-game days and track miseries. Contains moon phases and some holidays for worldbuilding.”  
Content: See Concept.
Writing: Such renowned holidays as “St. Anuk Schleger’s Day”, “All Souls”, and “Moose blood day”.
Art/Design: Little faces on the moon, a skull surrounded in Misery, an Illuminated H.
Usability: Print-friendly, easy to mark. 

Jólakötturinn / Yule Cat

Concept: “The Jólakötturinn stalks the Dying World devouring anyone caught wearing old and tattered clothes at Jól.”
A seriously beastly monster
Straightforward but with plenty of character
Nice adaptation of Le Chat Noir design
This cat hates your holiday sweater—it’s as simple as that


“One cold winter night he refused to open his door to a beggar, he is now doomed to forever be generous.”


Concept: “The Christmas rumors are true. The Krampus does exist.”
Stats and a hook for the race of kidnapping, meat-hungry krampi
A balance of mechanics and descriptive text
Fits lots of text onto the page alongside some nice art
Straightforward but certain aspects may be off-putting to some players

Misadvent Calendar

Concept: “Tearing away each door daily reveals a new foe, complete with lore and stats”
Content: Counting down to the end (of Christmas). With creatures.
Writing: Playful in the way a cat entertains itself with a mouse.
Art/design: A one-man game jam (so far).
Usability: Updating every day until Christmas 2022. 


Concept: “As snow falls on the city, the people whisper of a murderer who has recently taken to the streets.”
A murderous pseudo-Santa possessed by an alien entity known only as the Christmas Spirit
Twists St. Nick to fit right into the Dying World
Exactly what you’d expect of a Mörk Borg murderhobo Santa
More elaborate than some monsters but not overly complex

No Country for Old St. Nick

“It is a dark time for Santa Claus, the world will end soon and there seems no point in trying to sugar plum coat it.”


Concept: “An egg hunt riddled with danger and reward!”
Lore, NPCs, items, and schedule for a high-stakes scavenger hunt in the Dying Land
A balance of lore and mechanics with lots of character folded into both
Laid out for easy reference, with graphic elements that add strange, supernatural character
A straightforward toolkit for a grimly humorous adventure
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