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Factions of the Dying World

Concept: “Descriptions of places, architecture, fashion and factions of Mörk Borg.” 
Content: A setting guide of the major cities and regions of the Dying World.
Writing: A political treatise on the various polities and cultures in informative prose.
Art/design: Representative figures for each faction are presented in rich charcoal. 
Usability: A primer for those who would like just a little more structure in their planning. 

Gone with the Gnomes

Concept: “Everyone loves gnomes. They sing and dance”
Content: Adorable gnomes. Celebration. Maypoles. Riddles. Hattery. A village in peril.
Writing: Full of childlike whimsy and bloodshed. A real fairytale.
Art/design: Admirably ambiguous yet gleefully grotesque illustrations in a riotous layout. 
Usability: Start in the upper right and make your way around the center. Hydrate or die. 

Holidays, feasts and miseries of the dying world.

Concept: “Calendar where you can mark in-game days and track miseries. Contains moon phases and some holidays for worldbuilding.”  
Content: See Concept.
Writing: Such renowned holidays as “St. Anuk Schleger’s Day”, “All Souls”, and “Moose blood day”.
Art/Design: Little faces on the moon, a skull surrounded in Misery, an Illuminated H.
Usability: Print-friendly, easy to mark. 

The Cult of the Black Salt

Concept: “Ever wanted to use that black salt table from Feretory?” 
Content: A salty, corpse-strung scaffold crawl.
Writing: An event-based framework to explore a surprisingly constructive death cult.
Art/design: A defiantly tortured figure is scaffolded to the top of this simple text spread.
Usability: Requires Feretory. Print Friendly

The Tight Grip

Concept: “You have been tasked with stealing an artifact from a forgotten temple for a collector of rarities... You have received a hint: ‘Follow the left hand, the left eye reveals the path.’” 
Content: A pot collecting, bounty escaping, possession crawl.
Writing: An entertaining mix of motivated factions in a situation that’s ready to spiral out of control. In short, a good night of Mörk Borg.
Art/design: Hazy sketches of cheerless figures and grisly horror occasionally sully an otherwise clean plaintext layout.
Usability: Black and white. Text separated from darker illustrations for ease of printing. 
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