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Calen Heydt

Bloodlusting Nutcracker

“Roll one of each d4-d12 to build a Bloodlusting Nutcracker.”

For the Rich & Foolhardy

Concept: “Enjoy this dungeon I made in a few hours”
Content: A siege beast scrap-crawl.
Writing: A direct and accessible style with thematic core mechanics.
 Art/design: Gritty maps, illustrations, and script that blend smoothly
Usability: Elongated text may hinder reading. Siege Beast included in Powderburned Scoundrel.

Hallowed Scrolls

“Sing praise to Verhu. … Roll d8 on the table.” 

Harrowed Abbess

“Inspire hope in the bleak hearts of your comrades. Or, you know, put them out of their misery.”

Our Lord of Warmth

“Having succumbed to madness, the northern farming folk of Thulud seem to have melded into one hive mind now bent on the construction of their new manifestation.”

Powderburned Scoundrel

Concept: “BLACKPOWDER. ‘Go ahead, open the barrel.’ A crackling brimstone scent wafted out and I almost choked. ‘That’s the smell of unhinged hubris; the burning bliss of destruction long overdue.’”
Content: A powderburned scvm. Entirely too many explosives.
Writing: A lit fuse, sparkling with wit, and full of explosive potential. High risk and high reward.
Art/design: Tightly regimented text disrupted by only by the weapons of war and muzzle flashes of color. Gunsmoke haze fills the empty space.
Usability: Uses rules from Blackpowder Weapons for the Rich and Foolhardy. 

The Yoke of God

Concept: “Yes, yoke is spelled correctly”
Content: A church-raiding egg crawl.
Writing: A coherent adventure, with just enough egg left over to yoke yourself.
Art/design: A chaotic cathedral map that’s navigable with well-placed visual and textual references.
Usability: Don’t rely on the text alone. Cooks over easy. 
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