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Antichrist-mass Jam

“Spoofing/mocking the traditions of Christmas, twisting it into blacked art-punk, Yuletide terror” 

Birth of the Unsaint

“A bleak look at the birth of a supposed saviour, and your quest to end it before it is fully realized.”

Bloodlusting Nutcracker

“Roll one of each d4-d12 to build a Bloodlusting Nutcracker.”


“Advent related monster hunting and making blood sacrifices to the antichrist...”

Holiday Hellions

“Holiday Hellions is ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ on 24/7 repeat: sure, it's a banger but you will go insane, guaranteed.”


“One cold winter night he refused to open his door to a beggar, he is now doomed to forever be generous.”

The Lost Messiah

“There were prophecies, your mom said. Songs written about you and your future sacrifice to save the world from apocalypse. Whatever.”
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