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Dyson Logos

Chamber of Screams and More

Concept: “Five different 12" x 12" double-sided posters, each a different encounter idea/mini-adventure... Each is a stand-alone and, if I've done things right, will lead to a TPK or as close to one as possible.” 
Content: Five fatal mistakes for your next group of scvm.
Writing: Humorous and harrowing. With deadly accommodations for particularly resilient scvm. 
Art/design: Art-heavy poster layouts with detailed adventure text on the reverse side.
Usability: Clean and calculated for reading and reference. 

For the Rich & Foolhardy

Concept: “Enjoy this dungeon I made in a few hours”
Content: A siege beast scrap-crawl.
Writing: A direct and accessible style with thematic core mechanics.
 Art/design: Gritty maps, illustrations, and script that blend smoothly
Usability: Elongated text may hinder reading. Siege Beast included in Powderburned Scoundrel.

Peabody, Peackock Merchant

Concept: “Peabody waits in the dungeon for customers with a few avian goods.”
No stats, just a list of wares
Clear and straightforward with plenty of puns, profane and otherwise
Includes an illustration of the title character, a map of his dungeon, and some typographical variety
If you’re in need of a donkey-headed merchant with a peacock tail, look no further 

The Broken Sword of Vile Souls

Concept: “When Lorenz Hattendorf was murdered, one member of his party managed to escape. […] she knows where the man’s magic sword fell when he was torn limb from limb.”
A seemingly unassuming tower crawl with a murderous climax (and some loot along the way)
Mostly devoted to background and description but includes stats for enemies and the titular sword (which is pretty brutal even while broken)
Graphics add character and ambience, and the maps provide easy navigation for the GM
It’s a tower. There’s nowhere to go but up.

The Masticator Gate

Concept: “The Vile Court were imprisoned in a black oubliette where they were forgotten. … Through the Masticator Gate, the survivors are now vomited back into the world from which they were banished. Remade and vengeful.”
A three-part campaign, a new class for unlucky PCs, and a lot of monsters
Lots of description and discussion of the overall situation and locations; more specific locations’ text is broken down into quickly navigable paragraphs and points
Tends toward an efficient 2-column layout but breaks from the norm to facilitate usability and accommodate the grim, gritty artwork
Designed for a fresh game with 0 Miseries; requires The Endless Demon Deck
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