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Cold and Deathless Northern Darkness Jam


“A short trip into a subarctic bog deep in the hinterlands”

Beast from the Lightless Depths

“Long ago your kind had formed an ancient peace treaty with those from the lightless depths vowing never to step foot in each other's domain again. One such behemoth, the Beast, has now broken this treaty.”


“There is a dimmed light in a distance, down in the valley. Will you make it? Will you keep The Package safe and alive?”


“Set in the northern town of Kunsama, where the villagers are trapped in eternal winter, have turned to cannibalism to survive, and are plagued by Unfortunate Undead”

Frozen Kingdom of the Furnace Mizer

“Climb up to the snow buried Kingdom of the Furnace Mizer where the strange smoke billows out from forgotten steeples.”


“A huge polar bear died in the forest. Brave villagers investigated and never returned. How did the bear get into the forest and where did the people disappear to? Climb into the deepest bowels of a giant bear and find out.”

Keep of the Crow Witch

“In the Village of Welltig, built atop the ruined Easod Keep, lives the Crow Witch in her tall Aviary swirling with crows.”

Our Lord of Warmth

“Having succumbed to madness, the northern farming folk of Thulud seem to have melded into one hive mind now bent on the construction of their new manifestation.”

The Boreal Refuge

“This underground inn is usually a sight for sore eyes, a sanctuary for the frostbitten traveller. But something is clearly amiss...”

The Golden Razor Syndicate

“Anonymous ‘assassins’ privileged to be of noble birth they wrongly believe their selfish arrogant founder is the one true king”

The Ice Pirates of Penn-Tayn

“Will you survive ship-to-ship combat and pirate duels, or the hidden menace beneath the ice?  More importantly, will you receive all the pickled fish you can carry?”

Unholy Night

“You've wandered in the snow for so long you forgot who you are. But to your luck you see a small hut in the distance, saved. Or are you?”
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