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Eskire, Crimson Mask, Winter Husk, & Swampkin

Concept: “Scribbles to die by”
Content: A four-part creature feature.
Writing: Combat mechanics help define narrative function.
Art/design: Jagged lines carve out miserable creatures.
Usability: Stylized yet legible. 


“Burn them all vvitches and wizards
set fire to all that bring the miseries”
Content: An inquisition-powered torture-crawl.
Writing: Effective description makes a surprisingly painless experience to run.
Art/design: Sharp illustrations gird single-column descriptions of a bloody-minded cult.
Usability: Legible and easy to reference. 

Hatred OST

Concept: “music to play on the background of grim dungeon dives.”
Content: Four dark ambient MIDI style tracks.
Writing: n/a
Art/design: A Giger-esque album illustration in yellow and black.
Usability: Droning electronic notes enhance misery without drowning table conversation. Available in mp3 format.

Palace of The Shadow King

Concept: “An expanded view of the palace of the shadow king for Mork Borg”
Content: The Shadow King’s Palace as dungeon.
Writing: A curt and well-mannered depictions of the palace and court.
Art/design: Strongly colored public domain illustrations and sharp simple visual elements. All shadowed faintly by transparent text boxes.
Usability: Legible fonts in an easy-to-reference format.

Troll King Grave

“Delve deep
Silver awaits
Hold precious your face
For the eyes will unlock”
Content: A troll-filled, in-your-face, one-page grave-crawl
Writing: Dense graphic prose scratched across the cavern floor.
Art/design: A meandering cave filled with handwritten scrawl.
Usability: Available in printer-friendly black & white.
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