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Odd Gob Games

Odd Gob’s Claw

Concept: “...the shelled behemoth leaves a trail of eldritch slime that oozes from the end of its massive limbs.” 
Content: A replicating pile of hallucinogenic tendrils encased in a dead crustacean.
Writing: Disturbing sensations lend character to a simple statblock.
Art/design: A hulking construct of clearly repurposed carapace dominates a pink and yellow shore-scape.
Usability: Available in a free and a paid version with additional abilities, history, and adventure prompts. 

Odd Gob’s Forest

Concept: “200 legs slink through thorny brush and over fallen trees. A gaping maw of mangled teeth devours all...” 
Content: A many-legged garbage disposal in the underbrush.
Writing: Captures the ravenous hunger of the mighty slorgs.
Art/design: A long trailing creature rearing underneath a fluid and mangled canopy.
Usability: Includes separate creature illustration. 

Odd Gob’s Rats

Concept: “Yearning for the secrets of man, Tar solicits in sewers and alleys. For those that intentionally provide falsehoods...” 
Content: “...their corpse is added to its mass.”
Writing: A hybrid mass of hideous monster and whispering information broker.
Art/design: Emphasis on the mass.
Usability: Includes separate creature illustration. 

Odd Gob’s Silver

Concept: “Pouring molten silver over his head, the Doctor sought to end his monthly transformations. Unfortunately...” 
Content: A lycanthropy cure gone horribly wrong.
Writing: A hilariously horrific inversion, and a valuable new source of silver.
Art/design: The man, the beast, the experiment framed in rich comic panel style.
Usability: Available in a free and a paid version, with Dr. Nottahwulf’s tragic tale. 

Odd Gob’s Teeth

Concept: “Two spindly legs end in hooves that dredge through the muck. They buckle under the weight of 2000 teeth...” 
Content: Mol, a soul collecting dead frog on a human mandible grown to enormous proportions.
Writing: An Odd Wyzard did it, it’s their fault. Knowledge won’t save you from the teeth though.
Art/design: Mol before it got to 2000 teeth. A wittle baby abomination.
Usability: Available in a free and a paid version, which includes an unfortunate quest. 
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