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A Growing Menace

Concept: “The Sarkash forests have gone eerily silent, and travelers who venture too close to the wood line are disappearing without a trace.”
Content: Feast your eyes to an old god of the forest.
Writing: Strong thematic elements established in both background and environmental description.
Art/design: Haunting illustration by Waclaw supports an ominous yet understated layout.
Usability: You won’t get caught up in this web. 

Sacrifice Before Sunrise

Concept: “A plan to dethrone King Fathmu IX by replacing him with the grotesque child-god is mere days from success.”
Content: Political assassination by ritual god-child sacrifice.
Writing: A surprising amount of depth for a tiny, burned village and the chase for an infant god.
Art/design: Divine blend of color, artful illustration, and navigable sidebar column layout.
Usability: Easier to use than murdering a god-baby. 

The Demon's Arse

Concept: “This is the legendary Demon’s Arse, rumored to be the home of unearthly creatures both demonic and dead. Who dares enter?”
Content: A smoky temple of torture and transformation.
Writing: Purposeful description lends a sense of vibrancy and life to the deranged proceedings of a heretical cult.
Art/design: Gorgeous map of the Demon’s Arse with a clean and clear sidebar column layout. Enhanced with background illustration and judicious use of color.
Usability: A few too many rooms to keep track of in a booklet. Print the map separately. 
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