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Michel Barrios


Concept: “bearer of blights, plague herald, from your foul presence deliver us.” 
Content: A divine infection for Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: A fly infested, disease injecting angel. 
Art/design: Found/generated images of distorted and chitinous forms, with text creeping across their surfaces.
Usability: Can potentially become a scroll. 


Concept: “Melancholy is a jealous and sadistic mistress. Always eager to grasp on thou, until there is no end.” 
Content: A rapidly manifesting depression.
Writing: Clinging and oppressive in flavor and mechanics.
Art/design: A faceless and coarsely generated figure.
Usability: Designed for Forbidden Psalm 

Crawling Cauldron

Concept: “Sigil of the pact, shackle with invisible chains, cursed contraption parodying life.”
Content: A walking, talking, stewing cauldron.
Writing: Special abilities make it a mysterious potion delivery service.
Art/design: High contrast color combos and collage imagery make for an engaging visual appeal.
Usability: Think tormented delivery robot, but for potions. You’ll get it.

Dead God’s Prophet for Forbidden Psalm

Concept: “‘I have seen the gods once... when they were recklessly trying to kill each other’”
Content: A rambling religious scvm to add to your Forbidden Psalm warband.
Writing: A simple and largely un-sophistic in its babble
Art/design: Clustered text surrounds the scene of an eager prophet, mid-sacrifice.
Usability: Slightly incoherent.


Concept: “An ill Omen, or perhaps merely a consequence... 
The bad news never come alone, and this thing is the herald of doom.” 
Content: A dark horse, leaving famine in its wake.
Writing: Mechanics that leave your scvm violently hungry.
Art/design: A series of tortured image-generated horses.
Usability: Bordered text over illustrations may hinder legibility. Designed for Forbidden Psalm 


Concept: “‘Then, i was lost in madness and servitude of the abomination, merely existing, becoming one of them...’ 
-Last shrieking of Monseigneur inquisitor Mattheulomew the cruel, before mutating into a fobophage.”
Content: Mind-controlling body-snatching brain parasites for Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: A simple and largely un-sophistic in its babble
Art/design: A heavy collage of tentacles and brains over preserved manuscripts. Text elements seem intentionally obfuscated with existing text and illustrations.
Usability: Just usable enough. 


Concept: “The shadow of ignorance consumes it all, only the risky path of the search of knowledge may tear it's grasp.” 
Content: An illuminated relic, a bringer of shadow more than a giver of light.
Writing: Firmly placed the dying lands and framed for likely encounters.
Art/design: A psychedelic candle-lit altar. In shades of pink, purple, and green. 
Usability: Casually columnated text creates a sense of confusion and anxiety. Similar to the relic itself. 

Lead Damsel

Concept: “A torture instrument, a derelict of shame, a piece of a broken past...” 
Content: Lesser-known cousin of the Maiden of Iron. A haunted relic of past tortures.
Writing: A simple, and cursed, contraption.
Art/design: A happy maiden reveals sharp teeth and painful rules text.
Usability: Designed for Forbidden Psalm, usable in Mörk Borg. 

Libēr de abominatio

Concept: “Cursed rituals for twisted minds, the grimm knowledge of decaying sages” 
Content: Eight new scrolls for use with Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: A transformative collection of body-horror-fueled mechanics.
Art/design: A generated pile of ambiguous meat crowds a loose collection of mystic texts.
Usability: A little twisted, but ultimately understandable. 

Martyred Apostate

Concept:  “An unholy manifestation, an enslaved soul of idolatry, even in death they pray for salvation.” 
Content: “A homemade new pet/relic/mercenary”
Writing: A willing sacrifice in the name of any who can enthrall them.
Art/design: Colored prints, miniatures, and text integrated in a collective sacrifice.
Usability: Less hostile than it looks. 
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