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Roland Boshnack

Mëch Borg

“Think Vision of Escaflowne meets BattleTech, but fucked up.”

Mörk Böurgeöisie

Concept: “Thank the discourse for this little gem.”
Content: An entitled mob for Mörk Borg.
Writing: “Shit. They really want to talk. The fucking GM is going to start doing accents.”
Art/design: Flippantly casual layout above illustrations of obnoxious finery.
Usability: Talk to them. Or don’t. You decide. 

Mörk Svär

Concept: “MÖRK SFÄR (“dark sphere”) is a tabletop war/roleplaying game combining the aesthetic of MÖRK BORG with the universe of BattleTech”
Content: A battle plan for the invasion of Mörk Borg ascetics into BattleTech.
Writing: An outline. Narrative sketch, and concept design notes to establish a miserable fading sphere where humanity wars with giant mechs.
Art/design: It’s an outline, what do you expect? Frescoes?
Usability: An open invitation to expand the concept. 

Paladin Jam

Concept: “Some fools still believe in concepts like FAITH and MERCY and JUSTICE. … We ambush them, murder them, and squish them into delicious jellies.”
A faith-based spread
Lore and a table of 6 effects based on the main ingredient’s faith
Typographical choices add emphasis and delineate sections; includes a picture if you’re curious what the jar looks like
Goes great on toast (…made from the bones of the righteous)
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