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Tyler Lindsey

All Things Fragrant and Foul

Concept: “Mork Borg can be overwhelmingly nasty. Why not balance that with some beauty? And also add even more misery. 
Content: New rules, eight classes, and an afterlife-spanning adventure. Also sports.
Writing: A meditation on duality. With a serious tone contained within all its dubious fragrance.
Art/design: A highly interactive and reversible design with upright and inverted text interleaved beautifully.
Usability: Designed for print. Flip the book. My condolences to page 5. 

Babalon's Hangover 2

23 contributors
Concept: “A bestiary brimmed with 105 pages, 42+ Occult monsters, including Esoteric scriptures to die for, and Hopeless dungeons to die even more for.”
Content: Monsters and scriptures and dungeons, Oh my!
Writing: Text ranges from bloviated to concise; brisk to simple. But it is reliably miserable.
Art/design: A menagerie of styles as creative and varied as the community which spawned them.
Usability: Divided in three sections with a full index to aid navigation. Entries of varied accessibility and ease of reference at your table. 

Farewell to Arms REDUX (Ashcan Version)

Concept: “The Dying Lands have never been peaceful... Yet now, few would call that old world violent – not like this.”  
Content: A setting primer, sample adventure, and rules for playing Grvnt’s in the Dying Lands.
Writing: Clear introduction and tutorial to the alternate rules and setting, with guidance on where the complete game will expand upon them.
Art/Design: A colorful but simple layout, minimal but well-chosen art, designed for practical reference. 
Usability: Ready for war. Or at least a skirmish. 


Concept: “Sear these specific patterns into your flesh to please the gods.”
Ritual scarification that grants special abilities but alter characters’ capacities to speak or perceive truth
Clear, compelling descriptions that combine mechanical and qualitative effects
Arrangement and orientation of text figures the disorientation and fragmentation at the concept’s core
A creative way of granting some mechanical advantages and seriously augmenting character roleplay

One Flew Over the Basilisk’s Nest

Concept: “Overcome your addiction or be taken into God’s Stronghold, where you will be taught the ways of the false prophet ‘Yaweh.’”
A substance-fueled mini-adaptation of Kesey’s novel to Mörk Borg
Clear delivery of instructions; some subtle but appropriate choices blur the line between psychiatric patient and religious zealot
Emulates a bureaucratic form to visually emphasize the core concept
More of a loose scenario with guiding mechanics than a dungeon or full adventure, but a fun opportunity for roleplaying and weirdness

Ossarium Vol. 1 + 3D Printable Minis

14 contributors
Concept: “3D Printable Minis” 
Content: An STL model companion to the Ossarium Vol. 1 Beastiary
Writing: Code, in STL file format.
Art/design: Full renders of each creature including printable bases.
Usability: Sculpts are in continued refinement, feedback is requested. 

Ossarium Vol. 1 + Reference Cards

13 contributors
Concept: “a set of 43 double sided tarot sized cards that contain all the info needed to bring the creatures of Ossarium into your next TTRPG session.”
Content: 43 tarot-sized double-sided creature reference cards.
Writing: Contains complete stats and lore for the creatures of Ossarium Vol. 1.
Art/design: Monstrous depictions in a visually striking yet functional layout.
Usability: Rules in the front. Lore in the back. Print and play instructions are included. 

Ossarium Vol.1 | Beasts of the Dying Lands

13 contributors
Concept: “Not just a bestiary 
But an ongoing mission to seek out each creature.”
Content: 43 monstrous oddities to delight and horrify scvm.
Writing: Innovated, weird, and storied monsters to hunt and get killed by.
Art/design: Disgustingly tasteful use of color highlight gritty illustrations in dynamic spreads.
Usability: Digital spreads are of varying width to accommodate sidebars and creatures of significant scale. 

Too Many Fingers

Concept: “Learn the rules to the popular pub game TOO MANY FINGERS, and try your hand at it today!”
A guessing-game that adds some excitement to those boring nights at the tavern
Simple rules clearly conveyed
Visually depicts the rules and reward
Requires players to have a favorite finger (shouldn’t be a problem for most scvm)

Tulivuori the Impulsive

Concept: “Where once loomed Bergen Chrypt, now seeps the yellow-red rage of Tulivuori.”
A volcanic adversary, literally
Includes an anti-stat block with rules for converting followers and gifts bestowed
Illustration and other graphic elements convey an eruptive, dynamic energy
Not your typical monster

Using Dead Things: Birthing Living Things

Concept: “The world of Mork Borg is swollen with desecrated artifacts, putrid items, and cursed creatures. Perhaps you’d like to create even more of them?”  
Content: Crafting mechanics, experimentation, legendary artifacts and the adventures you'll take to build them, animal husbandry, four creative classes, automatons, and more.
Writing: Elegant mini-game mechanics, with strange and evocative descriptions.
Art/design: Delicately crafted, with a visual style that is engaging, not distracting.
Usability: Accessible text, clear table of contents and index, amusing postcards. 

Vulgar Stenches

Concept: “d12 horrific odors you may encounter, and their deleterious effects on your constitution”
“d12 horrific odors you may encounter, and their deleterious effects on your constitution”
Full of horrible imagery—just awful—but conveyed well
Design and layout facilitate quick reference
Keep a bucket handy
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