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Mörk Borg Miniatures

6 contributors
Concept: “We agreed to make this happen, and things were quickly descending into madness.”  
Content: “19 MINIATURES + a pile of crap”
Writing: Probably needed to occur to make such delicious sculpts happen.
Art/Design: Deviously Dynamic. Disturbingly detailed. 
Usability: Soak in dish-soap overnight. Scrub. Remove any flash. Use instant glue. Misery.  

Mörk Borg Paper Minis

Concept: “Paper miniatures, perfect for your next MÖRK BORG campaign!”
Content: Goblin, lich, skeleton, and scvm. With potential for more.
Writing: n/a
Art/design: Representative, uniformly scaled, heavily inked, and free-standing paper miniatures.
Usability: Some assembly required. Scissors helpful but not necessary.  

Ossarium Vol. 1 + 3D Printable Minis

14 contributors
Concept: “3D Printable Minis” 
Content: An STL model companion to the Ossarium Vol. 1 Beastiary
Writing: Code, in STL file format.
Art/design: Full renders of each creature including printable bases.
Usability: Sculpts are in continued refinement, feedback is requested. 
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