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Chris Lawson

All Her Hungry Children

Concept: “Dark and delirious reinterpretations of Popular Dungeon Game's monster menu” 
Content: A tumorous corruption of a monstrous manual, starting with the letter A.
Writing: A thorough satire of its source material, suitable for the bleak humor of a surreal and ultimately doomed setting.
Art/design: Monstrous photo-bashing that blends classical elegance with downright ridiculousness.
Usability: Text balancing utility and style from entry to entry. 


Concept: “D66 complications when you miss an attack in MORK BORG.”
Content: A “response to Johan Nohr's twitter thread
Writing: An entertaining collection of cinematic events to keep a game moving, even when you whiff.
Art/design: A distressed, high contrast list format in black and white. 
Usability: Print friendly. Available in vertical and horizontal formats. 
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