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Nobunaga's Black Castle - “Kuroyuri”

neko.yanagii 氏による、和とドゥームメタルを融合させた意欲的な楽曲、全6曲が収録されています。
 (A total of 6 ambitious songs that fuse Japanese and doom metal by neko.yanagii. The booklet also includes one Nobunaga's Black Castle scenario written by Yusuke Tokida.)”
Content: 6 heavy Japanese doom-metal & electronica fusion songs. With an included Nobunaga’s Black Castle scenario.
Writing: The music’s amazing. Couldn’t translate the scenario though, but it looks awesome.
Art/design: A rich, energetic, and dark tapestry that captures the energy of the album.
Usability: Listen, and drink in the death.

「黒き衣の茶人」他2篇 (“Tea Master in Black Clothes” and 2 others)

Concept: “This scenario is a group of short scenarios for "Nobunaga's Black Castle". You can play three short stories in a row, which begin with the vision of Biwa Hoshi. All of them are momentary and ad hoc, full of death and violence.”
A cinematic adventure to fulfill the prophecy of Biwa Hoshi.
Story driven and combat heavy with a clear objective. Explores the choices you make to arrive at the black tea ceremony.
Art/design: Long adventure divided into three episodes with textual clues to aid in navigation.
Balanced for two scvm. NPC stats not included. Written in Japanese.
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