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Yusuke Tokida

Nobunaga's Black Castle - Rules

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Concept: “「信長の黒い城」は、織田信長が本能寺で死なず、本当の第六天魔王になった闇の戦国時代を舞台にした、戦国ドゥーム・メタル・ファンタジーTRPGである。(‘Nobunaga's Black Castle’ is a Sengoku doom metal fantasy TRPG set in the dark Warring States period when Nobunaga Oda did not die in Honnoji and became the true Demon King of the Sixth Heaven.)”
Content: Mörk Borg set in an alternate doomed Warring States period. With rules, classes, monsters, and three scenarios.
Writing: Congruent elements establish a cursed alternative history.
Art/design: A bold and bloody tapestry.
Usability: Strong visual style and a comprehensive index make a suitable reference. GM screen available.

Nobunaga's Black Castle - “Kuroyuri”

neko.yanagii 氏による、和とドゥームメタルを融合させた意欲的な楽曲、全6曲が収録されています。
 (A total of 6 ambitious songs that fuse Japanese and doom metal by neko.yanagii. The booklet also includes one Nobunaga's Black Castle scenario written by Yusuke Tokida.)”
Content: 6 heavy Japanese doom-metal & electronica fusion songs. With an included Nobunaga’s Black Castle scenario.
Writing: The music’s amazing. Couldn’t translate the scenario though, but it looks awesome.
Art/design: A rich, energetic, and dark tapestry that captures the energy of the album.
Usability: Listen, and drink in the death.
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