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Lake Onda

6 for .66

8 contributors
Concept: “Six new creatures for your Mörk Borg game” 
Content: For only .66¢
Writing: A variety of torments ranging from the simple boiled cat to a genital prodding celestial. All with deleterious ties to the Dying Lands.
Art/design: Malformed illustrations in a variety of styles from the public domain and creative commons, and portions of an album cover.
Usability: Grab a d6. It’s only .66¢. 

Harvest of Horror

Concept: “Strange creatures have been spotted in a village near the lake, twisted mockeries of nature that move with eerie purpose.” 
Content: April Fools meets “alchemy of flesh”.
Writing: Iconic horrors such as: “Rotcabbage”, “Tenebrous Carrot”, and “Goretater”.
Art/design: Uncanny Valley vegetable creations in tenebrous tri-fold pamphlet format.
Usability: Legible but may require “alchemy of print” 


Concept: “If you ever drink the water of Lake Onda...”
Content: A thirsty little throat parasite.
Writing: Some serious slow-burn body horror.
Art/design: Thirstworms hiding in their natural habitat—behind the boxed text.
Usability: Mechanically more disease than monster honestly. 


Concept: “Uno del los asentamientos que ha sucumbido ahte la brutalidad es Penuria: un desolado y lúgubre paramo habiado por una docena de almas deplorables, al oeste de Schleswig.” 
Content: A filthy pointcrawl, a miserable village setting, and the local ziggurat. 
Writing: A village in hardship. Potentially some deep shit. Specifically Fathmu’s shit.
Art/design: The classic grimy yellow in a crisp accordion pamphlet design.
Usability: Printable, but hard on your yellow ink. Spanish language. 
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