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Harvest of Horror

Concept: “Strange creatures have been spotted in a village near the lake, twisted mockeries of nature that move with eerie purpose.” 
Content: April Fools meets “alchemy of flesh”.
Writing: Iconic horrors such as: “Rotcabbage”, “Tenebrous Carrot”, and “Goretater”.
Art/design: Uncanny Valley vegetable creations in tenebrous tri-fold pamphlet format.
Usability: Legible but may require “alchemy of print” 

Peddling Ye Olden Tales

Concept: “The travelers encounter a cryptic storyteller weaving tales of darkness in the woods. 
Content: Campfire tales made grimly manifest as cursed artifacts and plot hooks.
Writing: Classic folktales twisted by the nightmare logic of the dying world.
Art/design: Yellowed photographic illustrations haunt a blacked pamphlet layout.
Usability: Structured and legible 

Scriptures of the Endless Sea

Concept: “In the depths of the Endless Sea, you awaken... Your twisted journey lies ahead through the abyss, driven by the promise of true death, a release from torment.” 
Content: An Endless Sea bottom-crawl.
Writing: A structured linear narrative with set-piece encounters and Endless Sea lore.
Art/design: Pale blue in the deep-sea dark. AI-distorted aquatic monstrosities, deep-sea voyagers, and two-headed deities abound.
Usability: Clean, organized, dense 
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