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Erebus Kaerebas

A Teller of Bad Omens

Concept: “You have left your mind in the hands of those from whom one must keep away and now aspire to spread their dark word wherever you go.” 
Content: A dark messenger transformed by darker powers.
Writing: Shadowy origins, eldritch energy, and body horror.
Art/design: A virescent energy lends weight to this cloaked, corpse-painted scvm.
Usability: An effective layout that establishes boundaries and breaks them. 

Half Cursed

Concept: “Locked in a strange body, partly the one of a Goblin, you have survived the curse but developed some physical similarities from your left arm to your shoulder.” 
Content: A transitional take on the Goblin Curse.
Writing: A deeply human take on being uncomfortable in your goblin skin.
Art/design: A dynamic figure reaching out from a dynamic half-shaded layout.
Usability: An ordered three-column structure feels balanced, navigable, and stylish. 

Hero of Canker and Mire

Concept: “A knight of the past, an ancient hero forgotten by all and who, in despair, went to lose himself in the marshes” 
Content: A mire-drenched disgrace.
Writing: A corporeal text which explores and supplants the mortal form.
Art/design: Dual spreads contain yellowed illustrations of creeping growth and moist crumbling decay.
Usability: A sloppy display font drips over a clean body text, highlighted for skimming. 

The Black Emperor

Concept: “Once an Emperor, you are now just a shadow of what you once were.” 
Content: A would-be conqueror, conquered.
Writing: A troubled history. Conveyed in rumor, legend, and imperial ephemera. 
Art/design: Layered tapestry of prints, photography, corpse paint, and ghostly blue highlights.
Usability: Blackletter style, lean san-serif body. 

Welcome to the Twisted Fairy World

Concept: “A strange and grotesque universe contained in a teapot.” 
Content: Steaming hot scroll cleaning services.
Writing: Mechanics that make dry-cleaning services sound tame and reliable by comparison.
Art/design: A calming blue and yellow layout with an amusing case of the surreal.
Usability: For unclean scroll required for entry. 
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