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pretty colors


Concept: “Anthelia’s patience is growing thin…”
Content: A frigid cavern-crawl in search of color, with treasure the world is not prepared for.
Writing: A case of courtly intrigue, frigid madness, and death in service of Anthelia’s greed.
Art/design: Darkly desaturated imagery, a familiar split column dungeon layout, a with top down minimap and sidebars.
Usability: Organized as a series of encounters in a mini-campaign.

Neon Nightmares

Concept: “Chromatic smatterings grow stronger and brighter and blindingly vibrant even after the sun passes. 
This is when the Neon Nightmares swarm.”
Content: Your typical swarm of kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria.
Writing: Concise rules text. Glyphs form associations, unify design, and save space.
Art/design: A visually striking (and thematically appropriate) mixture of neon creatures, desaturated victims and heavy line weights.
Usability: May require the invention of entirely new colors. 
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