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Dead King’s Soothsayer

Concept: “a conniving soothsayer, cursed for your misdeeds.” 
Content: An orb ponderer of the worst kind.
Writing: An enumeration of betrayed monarchs and unfortunate coups. Orb included.
Art/design: The faded memory of a regal skull haunts a masked wizard pondering a generated orb.
Usability: Simple and effective wizardry. Murderous intent. 

Druidic Forest Stalker

Concept: “Have you ever wanted a familiar that could eat your soul?” 
Content: Soul-sucking forest ranger with an unfaithful friend.
Writing: A disturbing assortment of companions with a generous helping of soul-snacking. 
Art/design: A masked, horned, and cloaked figure dispassionately observes a shadowed glade of text and skulls.
Usability: Kill things, steal souls, get good. 

Hexed Solo Rules to Die For

Concept: “an expansion to MÖRK BORG that allows players and Referees to randomly generate a hex crawl map to explore.” 
Content: Rules for hex map generation; tables for environs, weather, and encounters; creatures; three new scvm; and four void dieties.
Writing: Rules as preamble to hexes and tables full of misery fitting a Dying Land.
Art/design: Ornate headers for rules, plain headers for reference. Generated images in a variety of styles.
Usability: References Feretory, Heretic, and Solitary Defilement. Intended for use with a solo oracle. 


Concept: “A printable deck of tarot sized cards.” 
Content: Tarot-sized Misery cards, and 11 accompanying creature cards.
Writing: Holds the prophecies, and creature stats.
Art/design: A collection of tarot-style public domain images and generated content.
Usability: Unzip, Print, Shuffle and choose your Misery wisely. It could be your last. 
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