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Alexander de Large

ASH - Angry Sawtooth Hermits

Concept: “Members of one of the most secret and unknown heretical branches of the Church of the Two-Headed Basilisks”
Content: “Angry Sawtooth Hermits must have one or both of their arms surgically removed and then replaced with saws.”
Writing: A narrative depiction of a murderous saw-toothed cult.
Art/design: Blood splattered, boldly titled, gruesomely illustrated.
Usability: No established mechanical text. Stat it yourself. 

Kill Yourself and Worship

Concept: “A mini album crawl thingy inspired by Worship's first notorious demotape. It has to be played only after the 6th misery has been fulfilled.”
Content: Four events to occur after the 6th misery.
Writing: Descriptive text to read aloud to your unfortunate scvm.
Art/design: Two violent brushstrokes bisect existing infrastructure
Usability: Encounters designed for a single scvm at a time. 

The Antechoir's Anchorites

Concept: “The Anchorites are heretic beings who live in a mythic dimension... Their unholy goal is to find the meaning and boundaries of pleasure and pain.”
Content: Four iconic explorers of the boundaries of pleasure and pain.
Writing: Mechanics tempt your scvm into risky propositions in search of assistance or new experiences.
Art/design: Four sensuous depictions of the Anchorites with ample—blocks of text.
Usability:  Not excessively torturous. 

This is the End Now

Concept:Peace Death shall come to everyone. For is it not written that the sword is key to heaven and hell?”
Content: A psychedelic album crawl of magic spheres, wishes, human greed, and its inevitable conclusion.
Writing: Prescriptive language which produces a singular narrative.
Art/design: Sepia-hued imagery in tribute to both album and musicians.
Usability: Bordered font hinders skimming and referencing the text. 

You Don’t Yank on the Spine of God

Concept: “An album crawl inspired by Monster Magnet's Spine of God. Of course, it'll be sex & drugs ridden. Uh, and monsters. Ugly ones.”
Content: A drug-fueled, sex-filled, pig boiling trip into the unconscious.
Writing: A hallucinogenic dream sequence.
Art/design: Psychedelic photo mashups of NPCs, hand-drawn map. Glaring yellow text over a drug-addled purple backdrop. 
Usability: Designed in a three-column pamphlet format. 
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