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Kim Diaz Holm

Dead Reign

Concept: “Ash falls upon a dying world, abandoned by dead gods. You wake alone, forsaken, and wander a place once familiar… To you, this ashen world was bequethed, this Dead Reign.”
Content: A new setting with 10 bleak locations to explore, 7 enemies to haunt the present, and many tables filled with forlorn reminders of the past.
Writing: Strong thematic elements depict a world that is already spent. A world past ending. An empty place waiting for the last ember to blow out.
Art/design: Desolate and eerie landscapes with haunted and sinister figures. Design elements reinforce a world that was left behind.
Usability: A melancholy font of inspiration, with writing that invites readers to wander their ashen world, and leave their own mark upon it. Available in English and Swedish.

Retro Throwback

Concept: “A zany zine that contains some rethought OSR races/classes... creatures... spells in the form of Arcane Scrolls... [and more]” 
Content: Traditional OSR classes, creatures, spells, and magical legumes?
Writing: Good-natured irreverence of older fantasy RPG tropes.
Art/design: A broad variety of textual elements, layouts, and illustrations with a hint of coarseness.
Usability: Consistency in styles within sections aid in navigation.  
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