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Concept: “A heavy-duty tri-fold stuffed full of 216 things you might find, see, touch, feel, hear, taste, or smell in the Dying Lands.”  
Content: Six d66 tables...
Writing: Delightfully fvcked.
Art/Design: A very red, very vertical trifold
Usability: Great for the living, and the dead. 

Idle Borg: avert the apocalypse

Concept: “You come to find that the apocalypse can be averted. Hope is rekindled in a hopeless world.” 
Content: An apocalypse-averting, temple-building, village management minigame.
Writing: Rules to pass your final days, spend your last silver, and roll the Misery dice between adventures.
Art/design: A series of generated village locations, defined by bordered text laid upon bordered scrolls.
Usability: Adventure minigame included for stand-alone play. Table of contents included. Reference sheets provided. 


Concept: “An expansion to Mork Borg's resting system that allows players to make actions while taking a long rest that may benefit (or doom) the party”
6 actions with their own functional and narrative benefits and drawbacks
Simple, straightforward descriptions of each action’s mechanics and effects
A nice variety of typefaces and intuitive layouts with the classic black-white-yellow color scheme
A good choice for adding more depth and excitement to downtime

Temporal Stalker

Concept: “Doodle to kill time” 
Content: A demon, it wants to kill time.
Writing: I wouldn’t kiss my mother with that mouth.
Art/design: Expectedly toothy. Surprisingly horny. 
Usability: Ready to silently manifest at your table. 

Work Borg

Concept: “Terrible part-time jobs, cheap tenements, roguelite progression, and a dating sim”
Downtime activities—basically, all of the mundane drudgery you usually play games to escape from
Alternately soul-crushing and bizarre, but also consistently comedic and even beneficial
Relatively traditional but with on-brand typography and color choices
“Downtime is extremely optional, and it may not fit the flow of some games.”
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