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Bläckfisk Publishing

Temporal Stalker

Concept: “Doodle to kill time” 
Content: A demon, it wants to kill time.
Writing: I wouldn’t kiss my mother with that mouth.
Art/design: Expectedly toothy. Surprisingly horny. 
Usability: Ready to silently manifest at your table. 

The Bone Fields of Northwyr

Concept: “A cursed and frostbitten sandbox”
5 distinct locations with unique characters and tables for random encounters and cursed artifacts
Very dark and somber; provides copious background for the setting and concise but effective characterization for its inhabitants
Predominant use of powder blue creates an appropriate cold tone punctuated with warmer pink and yellow to aid navigation and provide contrasting character
Text heavy, but written to be memorable and designed for quick and easy reference during play

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