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A Discarded and Damned Shield

Concept: “A discarded shield lays before you... there should be a corpse attached.”
Content: A shield/portal, or portal/shield?
Writing: Strong use of sensory elements make the shields discovery a minor encounter.
Art/design: Focal central shield illustration in neon pink with yellow sigils 
Usability: Use as a plot point or unpleasant surprise. 

A Feast Among Friends

Concept: “Please, won’t you join the party?”
Content: Dining at your own funeral.
Writing: A sensuous depiction of camaraderie and cannibalism.
Art/design: A well-dressed skeleton, haloed by the dead, encircled by intense pink text.
Usability: Background illustration and opening text overlay may hinder a swift reading. 

Blood to the Flames

Concept: “Some blood themed content”
Content: Tithe for the blood countess.
Writing: Bloody simple, sensuous, and effective.
Art/design: A spacious and symbolic design.
Usability: Uses 5e style advantage mechanics.  

Cat Who Used to Be Royalty

Concept: “‘Yes, you will have your vengeance.
But its feeding time first. It is always feeding time first.’”
Content: A cat and recovering absolute sovereign.
Writing: Hilariously regal. Unashamedly feline.
Art/design: A remörkably adorable feline anoints a marbled red and yellow backdrop.
Usability: Not suitable for cats, except maybe as a place to sit.


Concept: “Dance! Dance because there is no tomorrow!”
Content: Dancing for omens.
Writing: Desperate mechanics capture the frenetic energy of ecstasy. 
Art/design: Text and visual elements suggest an out of body experience.
Usability: Best performed in a wide open space. 

Flail and Wail

Concept: “The terrible piercing wail of that thing - harder to forget than seeing it attached to that chain.”
Content: A flail-child. With piercing wails
Writing: The opposite of parenting advice.
Art/design: A crying cherub in motion and suspended from a handle and chain, emanating violent yellow soundwaves.
Usability: Created by trained professionals. Do not try this at home. 

Helm of Aura Protection

Concept: “'Isn’t that just tr...’ ‘Yes.’”
Content: A real pain in the head.
Writing: Factually accurate mechanical depiction of migraines.
Art/design: Too bright (for migraines), mostly black for everyone else.
Usability: Truly shocking headgear. 


Concept: “I keep asking it for a way out but it only motions me to remain silent.”
Content: A very patient librarian.
Writing: Clear mechanics and description that evokes a potentially labyrinthine encounter.
Art/design: An offset, alienating, and intentionally disorienting collage.
Usability: Tight text boxes hinder swift tracking between lines of text. 

My Limbs

Concept: “text to tattoo on your cursed flesh to give your body some Mörk Borg compatible stats”
Content: Rules to weaponize your own limbs. Both on and off your body.
Writing: Irreverent and just a little ridiculous.
Art/design: Anatomy illustrations flanking central rules text.
Usability: Rules for the scvm meat or tattoos for the player meat. 

The Plague Fires of Grift

Concept: “No item or mechanic this time. Just vibes.”
Content: A plague poem.
Writing: Rhyming couplets with an almost villanelle flourish.
Art/design: A morbid stage is set for a doomed king.
Usability: Vibe with King Sigfúm. We’re all doomed together. 
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