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Dom Cohen

Mörk Borg Cult: Feretory

15 contributors
Concept: “A collection of tables, monsters, items, classes, rules and ideas”
Includes a random monster generator, rules for distance travel and subsistence, The Death Ziggurat and Goblin Grinder adventures, rosters of mundane and profane gear, the Grey Galth Inn setting, a gambling minigame, the Black Salt environmental hazard, new character classes (Cursed Skinwalker, Pale One, Dead God’s Prophet, Forlorn Philosopher), and new Powers
Mörk Borg imagery and tone in wide a variety of styles
Matches content to myriad layout and design strategies
The mechanical and expository elegance you expect from Mörk Borg; the monster generator particularly uses dice in a clever way 

Tenebrous Reliquary

8 contributors
Concept: “D66 Items of Doom”
Content: Powerful magical items inspired by song titles
Writing: Frequently brutal, shocking, and visceral
Art/design: A labyrinth of horrors …
Usability:  … but in a good way

The Boneless Hag

Concept: “When the horrid hag of the wood has no bones to pick with, do you need to run? YES. YES YOU DO.”
A pair of monsters and a clever mechanic for buying and banking rolls
A concise hook with mechanics that are expressive as they are functional
“Art+Layout done by Pablo Dapena- without which this piece wouldn’t be nearly as metal.”
Well organized; some elaborate Specials, but perfectly manageable

The Occult Ossuary

28 contributors
Concept: “27 pieces exhumed from the depths of lavish graves, themed around skeletons, bones and skulls.”
“Classes, items, companions, monsters and encounters created by sacrilegious mind.”
A variety of styles, all appropriate to their content
Worth downloading just to check out the range of art and layouts
Complexity varies by entry but consistently easy to use
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