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Svante Landgraf

Mörk Borg Cult: Feretory

15 contributors
Concept: “A collection of tables, monsters, items, classes, rules and ideas”
Includes a random monster generator, rules for distance travel and subsistence, The Death Ziggurat and Goblin Grinder adventures, rosters of mundane and profane gear, the Grey Galth Inn setting, a gambling minigame, the Black Salt environmental hazard, new character classes (Cursed Skinwalker, Pale One, Dead God’s Prophet, Forlorn Philosopher), and new Powers
Mörk Borg imagery and tone in wide a variety of styles
Matches content to myriad layout and design strategies
The mechanical and expository elegance you expect from Mörk Borg; the monster generator particularly uses dice in a clever way 

Roads to Damnation / Overland Travel

Concept: “Travel across the dying world.”
Mechanics for adding color and adventure to journeys
Writing: Provides solid sketches for GMs to flesh out
Relatively restrained but with enough Mörky elements to establish visual character
The travel mechanic is simple and easy to use

Note: “Roads to Damnation” includes additional art and content, and it is only available in Feretory; “Overland Travel” is available free on the MB website.
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