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Pelle Svensson

d100 Items and Trinkets

Concept: The title says it all
Content: Great for adding colorful details to rooms, corpses, etc.
Writing: Concise but compelling
Art/design: Illustration sets the tone; typography maintains easy readability
Usability:  Roll a d100 or throw a small dagger

Mörk Borg Cult: Feretory

15 contributors
Concept: “A collection of tables, monsters, items, classes, rules and ideas”
Includes a random monster generator, rules for distance travel and subsistence, The Death Ziggurat and Goblin Grinder adventures, rosters of mundane and profane gear, the Grey Galth Inn setting, a gambling minigame, the Black Salt environmental hazard, new character classes (Cursed Skinwalker, Pale One, Dead God’s Prophet, Forlorn Philosopher), and new Powers
Mörk Borg imagery and tone in wide a variety of styles
Matches content to myriad layout and design strategies
The mechanical and expository elegance you expect from Mörk Borg; the monster generator particularly uses dice in a clever way 

Mörk Borg GM Screen

Concept: “A five-paneled A5 portrait wall of death”
NPC generator, gear & services, basic rules reference, core Powers list, generic enemy stats, weather, and d100 Items & Trinkets; inserts include Tablets of Ochre Obscurity and tables for traps, taverns, and city events
Concise with tones of grittiness and grim humor
Player-facing side depicts major locations and characters; GM-facing panels are yellow enough to melt your eyeballs (but they’re perfectly readable and have clever, novel layouts for the expanded content)
Includes “photo corners” to hold GM’s choice of additional content on the left and right panels
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