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Roxanne B.


Concept: “The world is dying, and you? You’re pissed. Trampled on and oppressed, you’ve found solace in rough music and rougher company.”
Content: Scvm meets punk.
Writing: Aggressive, authentic, anarchistic.
Art/design: Spray stenciled mowhawk and combat boots. Rough and ready layout.
Usability: A good candidate to bring a little CY_Borg into your Mörk Borg.


Concept: “1. Create a character 2. Have an EGG implanted inside you. 3. DIE...”
Content: A second chance at death.
Writing: Casually disgusting, clinically disturbing, implanted with body horror.
Art/design:  I hate to imagine what that man is doing with so many EGGs.
Usability: For the auto-cannibalistic Scvm. 
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