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Champion Tree Publishing

Dark Fortean Times: A Snarl of Corpses

Concept: “A Snarl of Corpses Dams the River is a deadly terrain trap that forces players to push their luck and make hard decisions under pressure.”
Content: An alchemical accident, a corpse dam, an impending flood, and the rise of the corpse king.
Writing: A simple core concept with delightfully foul framing to make for a truly unique disaster.
Art/design: A floodwater of corpse illustration. Purposeful typographic choices distinguish descriptive versus mechanical text.
Usability: A fair balance between dynamic design elements and accessibility. 

Dark Fortean Times: Pwdre Sêr

Concept: “( /pu/ – /dre/ – /ser/ ) 1. n. excrement of the stars 2. n. Star Jelly”
Apocalyptic options for alternative weather events
Variously horrifying, bewildering, and humorous
A variety of visual styles in diverse and energetic layouts
Straightforward on the GM side; player choice has a notably important influence on phenomena

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