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Ashley Kronebusch

Bogfolk’s Forest

Concept: “Get lost in our Bog, stay a while, why don’t you?” 
Content: “A forest cursed by an ancient witch’s heart” and d6 places to encounter there.
Writing: Description and mechanics interact to establish the setting and each new environment.
Art/design: Bogdown forest looms in false color behind a dark window to the text. 
Usability: As a location generator for your random boggy encounters. 


Concept: “Wretched creatures from some far away place, they desire nothing more than to return home. If you help, they promise a great reward.”
Noxious metallic beings from elsewhere
Contains a stat block and a table of needs and promises
Leans into Mörk Borg yellow to establish a toxic sense; abstracted figures create a sense of appearance but leaves room for GM interpretation
Could serve as an unusual hook for a quest

Duck Duck Dead Duck

Concept: “Includes a room, item, and monster to play a game with. Potentially a little silly.”
A high-stakes game of Duck Duck Goose (but don’t call it that)
Sets the scene and provides mechanics for playing the game
Especially clever layout and design on the second page, which represents the pit players are thrown into
Tests the player’s quickness as well as the character’s

Slaughtered Victims Generator

“Use the following tables when the scene requires an unfortunate victim. Do not speak their name, for they are already forgotten.”
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