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Grant Howitt


Concept: “GENERATORC makes diving into ORC BORG easy by quickly generating characters (stats and all)”
Content: Mekk’n Orcz fer ya’ Borg.
Writing: Da komputa mek wurdz reel gud.
Art/design: Morky n’ Orcy.
Usability: Juz’ push da butt’n. 

Orc Borg

Concept: “a great big beautiful trash rocket smashing through space and it is jam-packed with ORCS”
Content: An entire hulking space orc ecosystem with a complete rule set.
Writing: Orcy text written for puny humies.
Art/design: Loud and fast. Large and bright. Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!
Usability: A4 format + Riso print enhances style and legibility. 
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