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400 Billion Suns

Forbidden Psalm: Würm Moon

Concept: “A new scenario for Forbidden Psalm, featuring a suspicious farmer with an uncomfortably slow drawl.”
Content: A wriggling farmyard massacre under the Würm Moon.
Writing: Dialogue worth drawling out, and a scenario that’s both clear and bursting with tiny details. 
Art/design: A near-psychedelic monstrosity haunts a crooked and layered neon design. 
Usability: Stylized and largely functional. 

Last War: Bacon.Cabin.Magic

Concept: “hush-hush” 
Content: Special Mission. Bacon.Cabin.Magic, mercenaries, secret weapons, bunker comforts, things to do with flares.
Writing: The absurdity of war, and of secrets valued above human life, decontextualized.
Art/design: Edited photographs and near-watercolor renditions of the trenches in a unifying palette.
Usability: Designed for Forbidden Psalm: The Last War. 

Odd Jobs for Forbidden Psalm

Concept: “a sidequest system for Forbidden Psalm campaigns.”
Content: 27 odd jobs for a warband of scvm, with rules and a table of rewards for the survivors. 
Writing: Consistent in structure, packed with flavorful and delicious references.   
Art/design: Neon textboxes with gritty black text for rules. White text over horizontal static for examples.
Usability: Designed for use as a table or cards. 

The Last War: Flank Work

Concept: “Special sorties for unique rewards”
Content: A side mission system for sending spare crew models.
Writing: A suitably dark and thematic briefing on sending your crew on solo missions for fun and profit.
Art/design: Tables, mechanically typed. A faded collections of dying soldiers bathing under an artificial sun.
Usability: A simple, self contained rules supplement for Last War. 
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