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Strega Wolf van den Berg

The Nightmare

Concept: “A Mork Börg dungeon”
A twisted, irreal horror adventure
Not hardcore stream of consciousness, but creates a fluid effect while still keeping the adventure navigable
Designed and laid out for easy reading, but graphic choices and illustrations visually support the concept
Disorienting but in a positive way

The Origin of My Depression

Concept: “Urma, a farmer’s daughter, grew up in this small settlement in Wästland, wrongfully raised as a boy. She was flayed alive for witchcraft.”
An adventure centering on blind vindictiveness and vindication
Poetic in its bluntness and emphasis on body horror
Features a very clinical but still visceral anatomical illustration
Presents the situation as exploratory rather than plot driven

The Reused

Concept: “It rocket jumps. It rocket shoots. You rocket die.”
Content: A rocket jumping, rocket blasting, skull grasping monster.
Writing: Punchy and filled with the gallows humor of a doomed space marine.
Art/design: Orange and yellow that rocket into your skull.  Explosive titles scatter clean text.
Usability: Flavorful read, easy reference. 


Concept: “The Voice of Many: A Meatworks experiment gong very, very wrong.”
Content: A verbally abusive meat collective.
Writing: Manifestation lends weight to social satire.
Art/design: Perspective exaggerates a tortured mass barking at the moon. Crisp unified design.
Usability: For Mörk Borg and Lichoma. 

Wrong God

Concept: “A catholic Church in the middle of nowhere. Rumors have it that people keep disappearing around here, and that GOD Himself lives here.”
A severely twisted cathedral crawl
Violent and visceral. You’ve been warned.
Descriptions arranged within the map provide verbal “illustrations”; reading progresses up the page, creating friction and synergizing with the content to parody ascension
Includes some transgressive iconography; reader discretion advised

Zweihänders of the Seven Fallen Angels

Concept: “The Seven Guardian Angels have fallen from the sky, leaving nothing behind but the celestial steel blades strewn around the Dying World.”
7 swords and a loose hook tying them together
Short descriptions of mechanical effects
Minimalist illustrations of each sword with some blackletter and textured ground for visual variety
Weapons are usable out of the box; pursuing the hook will require more effort
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