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Concept: “Goblins have been more aggressive than usual lately... these goblins have strange fungal growths... whoever gets to the bottom of this will be greatly rewarded...” 
Content: A goblin swarming, fungus snorting, den crawl.
Writing: Deep absurdity delivered in gloriously understated frankness.
Art/design: Structured design, clear iconography, and magenta highlights stimulate and satisfy the reader.
Usability: Designed with goblins in mind. 

Paleblood Unguent

Concept: “A phial of glowing white liquid that flows toward the stars.”
Content: A pale-one blood unguent.
Writing: Deepy serious, mildly transgressive, yet oddly satisfying.
Art/design: The light of the unguent escapes the flask, falling upwards above the text.
Usability: Put a little angel on you. 

Thy ship was swallowed by a moray eel of considerable proportions

Concept: “As stated in the title”
Content: “As stated in the title”
Writing: A medical treatise, ecology, and setting guide in one long, wriggly, event-driven package. The eel's name is Inmedius Rex.
Art/design: Memorable use of eel anatomy, and organic placement of spot illustrations.
Usability: The monster and NPC stat blocks were fully digested, make your own. 
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