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Censer of Plagues

Concept: “Flecks of ill moisture squirt from the surface of this flail.”
Content: An infectious flail accident waiting to happen.
Writing: A sickly humorous take on a recent plague.
Art/design: A decidedly familiar (and filthy) flail head.
Usability: “‘Wearing a mask prevents the damage and Infection.’” 

Face of Wry Prophecy

Concept: “A mannequin masque locked in an airy smile.”
Content: A fatal game of masque roulette.
Writing: Compelling core mechanics make a tense social minigame.
Art/design: A menacing masque hovering over cursed text.
Usability: It’s all bonus HP until someone’s dead. 

Helm of the War Wizard

Concept: “Th[e] crescent moon and stars on this helm glow in the dark.”
Content: A glowing arcane catastrophe waiting to happen.
Writing: Ignore failed powers, until the last star burns out...
Art/design: A hilarious blend of serious Norman style helmet and pointy wizard hat.
Usability: Best if scvm don’t know what happens once the stars burn out. 

Horns of the Axelord

Concept: “The engraved skeletal hand smells of burning herbs.”
Content: Present hand. Start mosh. Eat fingers?
Writing: Unapologetically Metal.
Art/design: Gritty backdrop, splattered skeletal horns, poster quality layout.
Usability: You didn’t need those fingers anyway. 

Moaning Bulwark

Concept: “This shield licks its’ lips and breathes heavily.”
Content: A balefully sensuous moaning shield.
Writing: Simply stunning. No really. That’s what it does.
Art/design: Definitely conveys moaning.
Usability: Make it (moan) don’t break it. 

Paleblood Unguent

Concept: “A phial of glowing white liquid that flows toward the stars.”
Content: A pale-one blood unguent.
Writing: Deepy serious, mildly transgressive, yet oddly satisfying.
Art/design: The light of the unguent escapes the flask, falling upwards above the text.
Usability: Put a little angel on you. 

Rotblack Bob

Concept: “A floating head, its’ pores exhuding hot sludge and enthusiasm”
Content: A follower with a real head for social media.
Writing: A satire made even more poignant given its Twitter origins.
Art/design: An overly enthusiastic head exudes charm (or something) onto the text below.
Usability: Easy to navigate, spacious, and legible. 

The Widow's Blade

Concept: “A broken sword perpetually slick with blood.”
Content: A blinding blade slick with sorrow and wracked with guilt.
Writing: Wretched descriptions befitting a cursed sword.
Art/design: Abstracted, distressed, and desaturated.
Usability: Bloodshed is temporary. Guilt is forever. 

The “F” Word

Concept: “A cursed word is inked on this damned parchment.”
Content: A scroll to make you bold and your mother ashamed.
Writing: Mechanics that break the 4th wall and encourage shenanigans at your table.
Art/design: A depiction of the titular scroll (on a scroll containing its rules)
Usability: Get ready to drop some literal “F” bombs. 
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