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ELLI: Bloodsucking Abomination

Concept: “Add some unexpected HACK-toon to your game! Come get some!”
Content: “A precious little scamp HUNGRY to meet you.”
Writing: Active, light, and just a little clingy.
Art/design: Bloody adorable illustration with a steady flow in the hierarchy and design.
Usability: Engaging, concise, and fluid reading. 

Odd Gob’s Mask

Concept: “A fleshy mask of unknown origin... It delights in making its wearers speak profanities at inopportune times.” 
Content: A manipulative mask that just won’t let you go.
Writing: A curse description befitting a dramatic image.
Art/design: A grinning demonic mask visually tethered to an unfortunate scvm. 
Usability: Includes separate artifact illustration. 
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