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One Crooked Dagger

Man is the Warmest Place to Hide

Concept: “Something hungry lurks in the dungeon, it has one goal...”
Content: One Shifting Dungeon. The worst game of tag ever. You do not want to become IT.
Writing: A trap-filled sandbox for your scvm to get paranoid in.
Art/design: Simple illustrated maps and public domain images.
Usability: Currently still an ashcan. 


Concept: “You can only watch as your flesh betrays you. You are not in control of your own fragile body. Banished from society you wander awaiting your inevitable doom.”
Content: A monster waiting to happen.
Writing: Spliced in tension. Consequences make you potentially stronger (and less human) each night.
Art/design: Harsh alien forms escape a taught near-monochrome design.
Usability: Enjoy your consequences while you can, they were never meant for you. 
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