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Dávid Varga

Hungry Chains of Suffering

Concept: “Heavy chains that hunt anyone who disturbs them, and feed on the blood and suffering of their victims until the end of days.”
Content: A susurration of suffocating chains.
Writing: Crushingly measured combat mechanics support a rumored history of suffering and death.
Art/design: A skull faced corpse, suspended from amorphous chains over matching text.
Usability: Easy to use and general purpose killer chains.

Nanny Angel

Concept: “deranged angel of a dead god”
Content: Probably the best nanny in the Dying Lands. Truly.
Writing: Well-intentioned angelic action. I’m not sure what those parents are so upset about.
Art/design: Monstrously beatific cherubs and Nanny Angel dominate an ordered spread. 
Usability: Parents, Be careful what you wish for. 


Concept: “No one knows where they came from, the Endless Sea, distant stars or somewhere else entirely. But here they are.” 
Content: Creatures that fly in the dark and have tentacles. Eight of them in fact.
Writing: Some hefty stats for a flying cephalopod.
Art/design: Equal parts smooth alien caricature and anatomically correct tentacles.
Usability: Drops easily onto any scvm’s head. 


Concept: “Another undead...with a twist.”
Content: An un-living pincushion.
Writing: Short, simple, and full of points.
Art/design: Oily black and yellow illustration of the punctured dead.
Usability: Color coded for easy reference. 
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