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Stuart Forsyth

Caverns of the Dryad Queen

Concept: “You are told hope lies to the south, in the crystal caverns of Aridias... Few have returned... One thing is always the same. There is no memory of what happens in the cave.” 
Content: A scvm induced natural disaster waiting to happen.
Writing: A paradise engineered for deliberate and malicious misunderstandings. 
Art/design: A wholesome and easily navigable minimap. A clean plaintext layout to sully with your scvmmy fingers.
Usability: Easy to print. East to read. Easy to play. 

Mental Maladies

Concept: “An extension to the bad habits table… Every cloud could have a silver lining; there may even be a small upside, however slight.”
Content: Bad habits with a little extra nuance.
Writing: A nuanced take on fantasy traumas. Not too clinical, not too fantastic.
Art/design: A tumbling two-column layout astride a tormented parchment illustration.
Usability: Mental health depictions in rules are always simplifications. Please be considerate at your table. Your results may vary. 
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