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Bartek Blaszczec

Deck of Evil Objects

Concept: “Use this deck when you, the GM, wish to add a random object of evil to the campaign.”
A 15-card deck with 3 additional cards (2 for the Deck of Treasures and 1 for the Deck of Secrets)
The descriptions will make you want to use these even though the mechanics will probably kill your character
Sets the tone well without overcrowding a small space
Draw a card. Read the card. Repeat.

The Lich of Föhrenöd

7 contributors
Concept: “Lady Neszeka, they say, is sealed in the crypt. Dead, but not gone.”
Content: A heretical crypt crawl.
Writing: A complete and self-contained micro-setting. With the abridged history of Lady Neszeka, her domain, as well as its major players. 
Art/design: An engaging printer friendly layout with consistent design elements and crisp inky character illustrations.
Usability: Suitable for both dungeon crawling and narrative play. 

The Troll of Njernheim

7 contributors
Concept: “a small scenario about an isolated village, a troll and the adventures of the characters while hunting said troll for a reward.”
Content: A troll extermination forest crawl.
Writing: An established micro-setting, with a complex village, forest adventure, and random encounters.
Art/design: Strong cover illustration, with the occasional spot illustration in a crisp two-column layout.
Usability: Complete adventure format that lends itself to advanced reading. 
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