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The Kracken 777

Hexed & Dying World: Village Maker

Concept: “a set of roll-able tables to quickly make a village for Southern Tveland”
Content: Five characteristics to generate a Southern Tveland village.
Writing: A village maker sprinkled with the dying world’s unique humor.
Art/design: Clean structured two-column layouts and enumerated lists.
Usability: Clear hierarchy aids quick reference. 

Kracken 777’s Misery’s Keep

Concept: “an independent production by Winston Smith… hastening the final Misery” 
Content: A miserable keep-crawl, redecorated, again.
Writing: A dastardly villain, a towering castle, treasure to steal, and dolls… 
Art/design: A tasteful teal and violet cover, hand-drawn illustrations, and modified public domain imagery engage a classic mini-map sidebar design.
Usability: Functional, accessible, with a recognizable top-down castle map. 
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