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Micheál Reidy

Micheál Reidy’s Misery’s Keep

Concept: “an independent production by Micheál Reidy… hastening the final Misery”
Content: A miserable keep-crawl, redecorated, again.
Writing: A dastardly villain, a towering castle, treasure to steal, and dolls…
Art/design: Shades of black, red, and gray. Restrained text elements. Humorous emphasis on licensing text.
Usability: There’s a doll spotting mini-game.

The Ballad of Sarta Rapida

Concept: “The world is dying. But then there came a voice.” 
Content: Mobs of rabid fans, cutthroat sycophants, ex-lovers, and the voice of an angel, of sorts.
Writing: Yes, it’s about Taylor Swift.
Art/design: Outlined mobs, grainy photographs, alterations. Black, yellow, pink. Blackletter
Usability: Want fluff, hope you’re proficient in blackletter, work for it. 

The Girls of Gold

Concept: “They will live out their days, getting into comedic situations, pestering one another and encountering increasingly ludicrous plot hooks” 
Content: Four of the baddest old ladies in the Dying Land.
Writing: Sitcom grandmother tropes, in my Mörk Borg!
Art/design: Four golden girls, sketched comedically on yellowed parchment. Wrapped in gold foil lettering.
Usability: For your Mörk Borg sitcom program. 

The Unburdened

Concept: “‘The end is near!’... Honestly, you couldn't be happier!” 
Content: An over-eager semi-finalist to the end-times.
Writing: Truly freeing. In the worst possible way.
Art/design: Cleanly thresholded images in red, yellow, and black blend strongly into a clean poster design.
Usability: For that player who just can’t appreciate the Misery. 
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