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Dark Fort


Concept: “For an authentic experience, get a fish and a blade, and listen to Murmaider by Dethklok. On repeat.”
Content: A standalone fishblade hack of DARK FORT, with optional co-op rules.
Writing: Puns that are succulently fishy. Mechanics that are seriously blade-y.
Art/design: Awkward man-fish, and fish-saws flop between pages of aquamarine and white.
Usability: Available in full size, A4, and letter format. Included character sheet.  

Reckless Plundering

Concept: “Guide Kargunt through four new dungeons for even more solo play madness!”
Content: Four themed Dark Fort solo dungeons.
Writing: Consistent themes and varied mechanics add to engagement.
Art/design: Simple plaintext layout with small hand drawn annotations.
Usability: Familiar design for players of Dark Fort. 

Van Haugr

Concept: “You are named Van Haugr. For generations has your bloodline hunted the creatures of the night. You are no different.”  
Content: A self-contained, ghoul-slaying, variant of Dark Fort.
Writing: A dark and dreadful fantasy. Hunting for monsters in an old cathedral.
Art/Design: Three horizontal pages of organized three-column layout.
Usability: Self-contained, organized, and legible. A fairly pragmatic document. 
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