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Hexed & Dying World: Village Maker

Concept: “a set of roll-able tables to quickly make a village for Southern Tveland”
Content: Five characteristics to generate a Southern Tveland village.
Writing: A village maker sprinkled with the dying world’s unique humor.
Art/design: Clean structured two-column layouts and enumerated lists.
Usability: Clear hierarchy aids quick reference. 

Ill-Fated Names of Unfortunate Scvm

Concept: “Roll a D20 once on the first name table and once on the last name table.  Combine the results to create a moniker that will strike terror and awe into your foes.”
Content: 400 ill-fated names.
Writing: Contains classics like: “Dumpstack Snodgrass”, “Dirty Fuzznut”, and “Stanko Arbuckle”.
Art/design: Legible, but appropriately unfortunate.
Usability: Roll a pair of d20s. 

Mass Combat and Extreme Cold

Concept: “A mini-zine of rules for Mörk Borg Published as part of the Chässe-Galerie zine”
Content: Rules for mass casualties and freezing to death.
Writing: Cold, calculated, and clear as ice.
Art/design: Print-Friendly rules reference, with blackletter headings, and a charming skeleton to indicate which part of your scvm is freezing.
Usability: Versatile OSR rules for allowing scvm to influence a large battle, and easy and practical rules  

Mass of Skin

Content: A scvm processing plant.
Writing: Official content. In bulk. With optional details for skills and equipment.
Art/design: High contrast black and white layout.
Usability: Batches of 100 scvm. For conventions, funnels, and sadistic storytellers. 

Mëch Plant

“A random mëch generator for Mëch Borg”

Mörk Borg Compatible Core Reference Cards

Concept: “Do you like TTRPGs? Do you enjoy reference cards filled with items, magical scrolls, beasts, abilities, lore, advice, and hundreds of unique custom illustrations?”
Content: 166 double-sided, tarot-sized reference cards.
Writing: Witty quotes and commentary add texture to each referenced item.
Art/design: Filthy ink splattered across a consistent structure that aids card reference.
Usability: Provided with instructions for print & play for the digital edition. 

Mörk Borg - Miseries - 1 page Minibook

Concept: “A 1 page mini-book of the 6 Miseries for Mork Borg. Instructions for cutting and folding are included.”
Content: “A physical prop to wave around and rant with!”
Writing: The Calendar of Nechrubel, transcribed from the Nameless Scriptures. 
Art/design: Hotel bible version.
Usability: Assembly instructions included. pdf and docx format are available. 

Mörk Borg NPC Cards

Concept: “Printable cards to quick-save your randomly generated NPC-s.”
Content: More kindling for 7:7.
Writing: Space for names, qualities, and motivation. A notes section for everything else.
Art/design: Spacious, Clean, and with guiding lines for your scissors. 
Usability: Available in printer-friendly and yellow. 

Mörk Borg Rules Handout

Concept:A concise and flavorful reference for the core combat and survival rules”
A stylish presentation of the core mechanics for player reference
Clearly conveys the mechanics and rules; section headings add ambience and flavor
Content is presented linearly in a clear hierarchy with graphic elements that add character and aid visual navigation
A useful resource for conveying the game’s mechanics and tone to players

Name Thy Murder Stick

Concept: “Your TTRPG character's butcherin' weapon deserves a murderous name... like RUSTY TOE CUTTER”
Content: A three part name generator for your murder sticks.
Writing: Adjective, body part about to come to serious harm, verb.
Art/design: It’s not just a sword.
Usability: Can be used to name existing murder sticks, or as an abstract generator for implements of death.

Omen Cards

Concept: “Printable omen counter cards for Mörk Borg.”
Content: Omen cards.
Writing: Compatible with Mörk Borg.  
Art/design: Third-eye horned-skull image screams omen—and clearly whitens its teeth. 
Usability: DIY cards are available in red, yellow, and grey. Also available as VTT tokens. 

Ossarium Vol. 1 + Reference Cards

13 contributors
Concept: “a set of 43 double sided tarot sized cards that contain all the info needed to bring the creatures of Ossarium into your next TTRPG session.”
Content: 43 tarot-sized double-sided creature reference cards.
Writing: Contains complete stats and lore for the creatures of Ossarium Vol. 1.
Art/design: Monstrous depictions in a visually striking yet functional layout.
Usability: Rules in the front. Lore in the back. Print and play instructions are included. 

Path of Doom

Concept: “You awake in an unknown location and realize that you are in a body that is not yours.”
Content: An inspirational campaign generator from the plague years. Complete with locations, quests, lords, encounters, and magic items. Best of all, it’s all metal.
Writing: Full of flavorful narrative prompts to inspire improvisational play, with mechanics to structure them into a mountain hex-crawl. 
Art/design: Dark and gritty line art in a concert poster of a layout.
Usability: Compact and flexible design is suited for experienced groups comfortable with improvisation. Can be easily utilized with multiple fantasy OSR systems. 

Pocket Scvm

Concept: “A mini MÖRK BORG character journal, perfect for doomed scvm.”
Content: A foldable pocket-sized scvm sheet.
Writing: Functional character sheet elements which optimize the limited space.
Art/design: A clean compact character sheet design.
Usability: Printer instructions on the storefront for ease of use. 

Portents & Curses of the Prince of Gorse

Concept: “Eschew company! Heed the omens! Beware the howling lamb!”
Content: A portent interpreting oracle for solo gaming. With a curse mechanism to introduce consequences.
Writing: Divinatory prompts and instructions that are open to interpretation.
Art/design: Strong visual aids assist with inspiration on triple-word oracle prompts. Text that feels cozy but not cramped.
Usability: Simple, sectioned, and easy-to-reference design. 

Rage Rain

Concept: “Crashing against skin and stone, its gentle violence blankets the earth.”
Content: A rainy day.
Writing: Flavor text that evokes a sense of tranquil violence. Mechanics that reveal the truth. 
Art/design: Visual elements and text combine to feel both ominous and tranquil.
Usability: Display font in flavor text may require some effort.

Ravings from Skarhuld: The Lost Brother's Bestiary

Concept: “Seeking to expand their pastureland, herders at Sarkash’s edge demolished an ancient, ruined wall. Amidst its foundation stones, they discovered a bundle of papers wrapped in oilskin. Those pages described, among others, the horrors inhabiting myth-spun Skarhuld.”
Content: Skarhuld, maddeningly sketched in prose and random tables. Alongside 20 surreal and miserable monsters to inhabit the dying world.
Writing: Absurdist nightmare horror given text. Amusing, disturbing, and gripping in equal measure. 
Art/design: Cohesive, yet textured. With a familiar structure to the surreal elements.
Usability: Can literally be dropped into your anywhere in time or space. With easy to access tables, a visually engaging map, and navigation by art or table of context.

Reference Sheet

Concept: “You should never feel the need to flip through the book while you’re killing PCs.”
Mörk Borg’s core rules on a single page
Clear and concise
The standard version puts emphasis on efficiency without sacrificing the characteristic aesthetics; available in printer-friendly and minimal versions
A model of usability

Official: English, Swedish
Reglas de Mörk Borg en Español by Unlucky Tales

Rotback Sludge Battlemap

Concept: “A compact variation of the Mork Borg starter adventure, Rotback Sludge, using assets from 2 Minute Tabletop, totally free and Roll20 ready!”
Content: A Rotblack Sludge Battlemap.
Writing: Has a version which includes the rules reference.
Art/design: Lovingly detailed. Clear grid elements incorporated in manmade structures.
Usability: Full color, rules reference, and black and white versions available. Suitable for online or physical tabletop play.

RPG Score Book

Concept: “This is a RPG Score Book!”
Content: 58 Character Sheet Spreads.
Writing: A simplification of the core character sheet, containing only sections and headings.
Art/design: Hand-drawn ink illustration with an overall spooky character.
Usability: Each character sheet tucked in a softbound spread, to be burned together at 7:7. 


Concept: “A scvmbirther (that’s a noun now) with *only* unofficial third party content!”
Adds a slew of new options; under active development
As per individual scvm; clever reload button
Atmospheric and unintrusive
Linear and clear; links to content docs and source materials


Concept: Random character generator including exclusive content
Content: Includes all character options from the rulebook as well as exclusive content
Descriptions concisely characterize additional abilities
Clean, clear, well-delineated presentation
MBC content can be toggled on/off; includes a print option to save your scvm

Settlements of the Damned

Concept: “The settlement generator from Alone in the Crowd”
Four-lines sketches of the Dying Land’s settlements
Provides a descriptive name, summary of character, and geographic feature and location
Consists of a hero image and a nice calligraphic script; very yellow

Sölitary Crawl

Concept: “Adjust the DR, and start crawling!”
Content: An online dungeon map generator for games of Solitary Defilement or Basilisk!
Writing: Concise room prompts with adjectives, type, and contents for solo play.  Automated random encounter rolls are provided.
Art/design:  Simple and effective yellow map on black background, with clear visual aids for special room encounters.
Usability: Provides analog rules for Solitary Crawl. Appears optimized for Solitary Defilement mechanics, but is generally applicable to Mörk Borg. 


“A character generator and companion app”

Stitcherer (demo)

Concept: “A PDF-based monster generator module for the upcoming BEstitchARY”
Sticks halves of 2 animals together into 1 unusual monster
Includes some clever flavor text along with standard stats
Great colors and well-crafted layouts
Doesn’t work on mobile/tablet; works with the click of a button on PC

Streets of Decay

“A quick and dirty way to generate encounters based on the city-crawling oracles in 1d10+5's Alöne in the Crowd (exclusive to backers of the Sölitary Defilement Kickstarter)”


Concept: “Random tables for MÖRK BORG.”
The collective insanity of the trve Mörk Borg discord’s random-tables, in web-app form.
The ravings of basilisk worshipers.
Befitting its subject matter.
Includes randomize button so you can roll on each table!


Concept: “These are random tables created by the MÖRK BORG Discord community on the #random-tables channel.”
A wagonload of random tables—some very random
Varies by table and entry
Design choices are practical but retain the characteristic black-white-yellow color scheme
Organized by general category; features a built-in rolling function

Tactical Battlescape

“A 24-inch by 24-inch playmat you can print and use”
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