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Deck of Corpses 2

Concept: “Why are there so many bodies in this dungeon???”
Content: 36 new corpses on cards for your scvm.
Writing: An entertaining encounter for every corpse. As it should be.
Art/design: Functional and consistent.
Usability: Fully compatible with Deck of Corpses 1. 

Deep Waters Run Deadly

Concept: “A tool for solo, gmless and on the fly dungeoneering involving moisture.”
Content: A moisture generator, d20 soggy denizens, fishing rules, d12 miserable fish, and treasures.
Writing: A generalized but descriptive style. Inspiring rather than dictating mechanics.
Art/design: A geometric and textured layout with tailored AI art.
Usability: A specific emulator for cruel and unusual bodies of water. 

Denizens of the Dying World

Concept: “100 different types of characters; names from the core book + nonsense names of my own choosing. What they know, where it is, what this feels to them, what they can offer in return.”
A random NPC generator for when the PCs ignore the important people and fixate on that one dude
Concise (by necessity) without sacrificing notable detail and character
Wrings maximal character out of a small number of graphic elements


Concept: “Get to the LAIR and convince Verhu to let you live through the end of the world.”
Content: A playable browser version of BASILISK!
Writing: Clear prompts supply plenty of options to kill your scvm.
Art/design: Simple grayscale map, character sheet on right, scrolling prompts beneath.
Usability: Keyboard & Mouse Control 


Concept: “A massively expanded version of the generator found in the back of the core rulebook”
Dungeons both many and varied
On par with what you’d expect from demi-official Mörk Borg content
Elegantly presented
GMs will have to arrange and map the dungeon, but the key pieces are all there

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“Common and Rare Encounters and NPCs to fill your Solitary Defilement dungeon-crawls!”

Enter the Dungeon

Concept: “Enter the Dungeon will provide a skeleton from which to hang your imagination.”
Content: Basic dungeon generator for low prep and gm-less play.
Writing: Broad variety in room titles, a gateway generator with mechanics, and rules to resolve dead ends.
Art/design: AI-generated fantasy environments. Dark display type over bright solid backgrounds.
Usability: Grab a d4, d10, and d12. 

Escoria de Bolsillo

Concept: “Una ficha plegable y portátil para que podáis llevaros el alma de MÖRK BORG en cualquier parte y a cualquier lugar.” 
Content: A foldable and portable character sheet so you can take the soul of MÖRK BORG with you anywhere and everywhere. 
Writing: It’s got all the elements of a Mörk Borg character sheet. Just pocket-sized.
Art/design: A delightful and compact design inspired by Chaoclypse.
Usability: Available in Spanish, with and without lines in the note sections.  

Expanded Tables for Mörk Borg

Concept: “These tables can be used instead of or in conjunction with those that are in the core book.” 
Content: See above
Writing: Consistent and parallel in its overall misery and tone.
Art/design: An aged parchment, with the occasional spot illustration in a tight two-column layout.
Usability: Dense but approachable plaintext. 

Flail to the Face Episode 4 Companion

Concept: “In honor of our fourth episode of Flail to the Face, we give you a 2d8 table of things that can happen to you when you fall down. Enjoy!” 
Content: An entire slapstick comedy skit involving stairs.
Writing: Completely unrealistic, in that hilariously morbid way. Maybe not the laughing at your friends part. That seems pretty legit.
Art/design: Ominously yellow light highlights some dangerously crooked stares, belying the absolute comedy about to ensue.
Usability: Watch your step. You don't want to fall down the stairs. 

Flail to the Face Episode 7 Companion

6 contributors
Concept: “In honor of our seventh episode of Flail to the Face, we give you d20 Random Things Behind Closed Doors” 
Content: D20 reasons to just close the door and pretend it never happened.
Writing: Absurd scenarios delivered with believably serious specificity.
Art/design: Text that frames some serious mahogany, with stained glass that lets in no light.
Usability: As a reward for the over-enthusiastic door checker. 

Forbidden Psalm Character Cards

Concept: “Tiny MÖRK BORG character sheets for use in Forbidden Psalm”  
Content: Two pages of 8 compact character sheets with a little warband log.
Writing: Just the basics. With lots of room to write.
Art/Design: Memorable icons provide a shorthand for the most commonly modified stats—stylish and functional design.
Usability: “(although I've used them for MÖRK BORG as well)” 

Fortune Teller Weather Delay

Concept: “Pick flap to open and read the weather delay!”
Content: A folding fortune teller of seasonal weather.
Writing: Seasons, numbers, d2s, and d4s.
Art/design: Nostalgic design that invokes playground memories.
Usability: Print and fold into a paper fortune teller for best worst results. 


Concept: “GENERATORC makes diving into ORC BORG easy by quickly generating characters (stats and all)”
Content: Mekk’n Orcz fer ya’ Borg.
Writing: Da komputa mek wurdz reel gud.
Art/design: Morky n’ Orcy.
Usability: Juz’ push da butt’n. 


Concept: “Random tables of the macabre and mundane”
Content: A lot of random tables, some of which have a lot of entries
Writing: Strange, grim, and always irreverent
Art/design: Red, black, white, grey—a classic color scheme deftly deployed
Usability: Arranged by category; limited use is free, but full content is unlocked through Patreon

This entry was sponsored by mcglintlock as part of the Ex Libris RPG crowdfunding campaign.

Hast thou...

Concept: “Optional rules to decide when a character should be improved.”  
Content: Seven questions for seven Miseries. Rules to decide to Get better (or worse) by. 
Writing: Practical guidance on experience and encouraging the Miseries you want in your game.
Art/design: Spooky skeleton meditation. Simple and effective design.
AUsability: A print-friendly resource. 

Hexed & Dying World: Village Maker

Concept: “a set of roll-able tables to quickly make a village for Southern Tveland”
Content: Five characteristics to generate a Southern Tveland village.
Writing: A village maker sprinkled with the dying world’s unique humor.
Art/design: Clean structured two-column layouts and enumerated lists.
Usability: Clear hierarchy aids quick reference. 

Holidays, feasts and miseries of the dying world.

Concept: “Calendar where you can mark in-game days and track miseries. Contains moon phases and some holidays for worldbuilding.”  
Content: See Concept.
Writing: Such renowned holidays as “St. Anuk Schleger’s Day”, “All Souls”, and “Moose blood day”.
Art/Design: Little faces on the moon, a skull surrounded in Misery, an Illuminated H.
Usability: Print-friendly, easy to mark. 

Hymnal of The Damned

Concept: “eight sorrowful songs for your adventures to recite around the campfire” 
Content: A collection of hymnals in Latin and English.
Writing: Focused on the major sites and figures of the Dying Lands, in mournful detail.
Art/design: Stylized metallic book covers surround parchment with two-column text.
Usability: Available print-friendly or aged.  

Ill-Fated Names of Unfortunate Scvm

Concept: “Roll a D20 once on the first name table and once on the last name table.  Combine the results to create a moniker that will strike terror and awe into your foes.”
Content: 400 ill-fated names.
Writing: Contains classics like: “Dumpstack Snodgrass”, “Dirty Fuzznut”, and “Stanko Arbuckle”.
Art/design: Legible, but appropriately unfortunate.
Usability: Roll a pair of d20s. 

Knives Out

Concept: “features way too many knives” 
Content: Pointy things, capes, rules for being dandy with a variety of weapons, a seedy tavern, odd jobs, discretion, and time banditry.
Writing: An appropriate level of roguish charm, sharp wit, references, and puns.
Art/design: A vibrant and full-bodied visual design. Plenty of rouge on this rogue.
Usability: “If you are insufferable while doing it. You get DR –2 for the test. Yes. DR –2.” 


Concept: “The Great and final war that still rages between the vampire lords and hell itself... Hated by all. You are slaves to the abyss or escaped deserters searching for a life and purpose, if these can be found in this dying world.” 
Content: A trench fighting, organ grafting, hell of a war. A complete setting and ruleset, you just need to survive it.
Writing: Bleak, bombastic, and apocalyptic. Bursting with the kind of body horror which blurs the line between man and machine.
Art/design: The tortured linework of characters invoke a hellish atmosphere in just a few spare illustrations.
Usability: Self-contained and accessible plaintext. Available in Swedish and English. 

Mass Combat and Extreme Cold

Concept: “A mini-zine of rules for Mörk Borg Published as part of the Chässe-Galerie zine”
Content: Rules for mass casualties and freezing to death.
Writing: Cold, calculated, and clear as ice.
Art/design: Print-Friendly rules reference, with blackletter headings, and a charming skeleton to indicate which part of your scvm is freezing.
Usability: Versatile OSR rules for allowing scvm to influence a large battle, and easy and practical rules  

Mass of Skin

Content: A scvm processing plant.
Writing: Official content. In bulk. With optional details for skills and equipment.
Art/design: High contrast black and white layout.
Usability: Batches of 100 scvm. For conventions, funnels, and sadistic storytellers. 

Monolith Fragment: Life on the Farm

Concept: “Is pastoral life getting you down? Tired of only fighting weeds?”
Content: “A Rural Adventure Generator”
Writing: Suitably rural, adequately absurd, full of farm equipment.
Art/design: A collection of simple, organized tables with tastefully home-spun spot prints.
Usability: Sow chaos with d6s.

more, more, mörk reasons to risk one’s life

Concept: “Feel like you've run out of reasons to die in this dying world?
Fear not! For there are always more excuses to go out and perish in these lands....”
Content: d12 discouraging destinations, d20 dreary distractions, and a *d100’s worth of sporadic sparks for the dispirited scvm.
Writing: A sufferable collection of prompts for locations, complications, and encounters.
Art/design: Heavy banner text drapes over dense directories of black on yellow.
Usability: *Actually a duplicitous d50.

Mëch Plant

“A random mëch generator for Mëch Borg”

Mörk Borg - Miseries - 1 page Minibook

Concept: “A 1 page mini-book of the 6 Miseries for Mork Borg. Instructions for cutting and folding are included.”
Content: “A physical prop to wave around and rant with!”
Writing: The Calendar of Nechrubel, transcribed from the Nameless Scriptures. 
Art/design: Hotel bible version.
Usability: Assembly instructions included. pdf and docx format are available. 

Mörk Borg Compatible Core Reference Cards

Concept: “Do you like TTRPGs? Do you enjoy reference cards filled with items, magical scrolls, beasts, abilities, lore, advice, and hundreds of unique custom illustrations?”
Content: 166 double-sided, tarot-sized reference cards.
Writing: Witty quotes and commentary add texture to each referenced item.
Art/design: Filthy ink splattered across a consistent structure that aids card reference.
Usability: Provided with instructions for print & play for the digital edition. 

Mörk Borg NPC Cards

Concept: “Printable cards to quick-save your randomly generated NPC-s.”
Content: More kindling for 7:7.
Writing: Space for names, qualities, and motivation. A notes section for everything else.
Art/design: Spacious, Clean, and with guiding lines for your scissors. 
Usability: Available in printer-friendly and yellow. 
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