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Misha Panarin

FÖLK-LORE: Fiends, Freaks, & Foes

41 contributors
Concept: “What happens when the lore of our world collides with the Dying World of MÖRK BORG?”
The first volume of collected FÖLK-LORE Jam entries
Varies by author, see individual entries under the FÖLK-LORE Jam tag
Varies by entry; single-page entries are well balanced in spreads
Usability: Varies by entry, but it’s all Mörk Borg—how tough could it be?

Mbói Tu’i

Concept: “Second son of Kerana and Tau. It patrols the swamps and wetlands, protecting amphibians and waterdwellers.”
A middleweight monster fit for amphibious adventures
Efficient stats and a dash of flavor text (with more on the product page)
Color choices and arrangement make text easily readable without obscuring the gritty, Borgy illustration
Includes an ongoing fear effect; take note, GMs
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