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KRD Designs

Fire Bugs

Concept: “And Forth comes the fire on insectile wings.”
A ruinous swarm of fire-starting vermin
Some short, prophetic flavor text and a stat block with special attention to igniting characters and items
An intuitive layout with appropriate graphic and typographical character
Easily scaled to the GM’s desired level of challenge or catastrophe

FÖLK-LORE: Fiends, Freaks, & Foes

41 contributors
Concept: “What happens when the lore of our world collides with the Dying World of MÖRK BORG?”
The first volume of collected FÖLK-LORE Jam entries
Varies by author, see individual entries under the FÖLK-LORE Jam tag
Varies by entry; single-page entries are well balanced in spreads
Usability: Varies by entry, but it’s all Mörk Borg—how tough could it be?
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