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Frankenstein Bee

d66 Loathsome Corpse Mounds

Concept: “A revolting slurry of disease and decay.”
No explicit mechanics besides rolling, but plenty of scenery and potential for shenanigans
Writing: Full of grotesque, dark imagery punctuated by gallows (midden?) humor
Typographical choices create lots of visual variety
Typographical and notation choices may also hinder quick reference, but they don’t substantially damage usability

d66 Wretched Travellers to Murder on the Road

Concept: “Obscene and revolting reasons to never take to the road”
A host of horrifying, revolting, and/or pathetic new friends
Veritably dripping with gore, viscera, and tears of woe
Typographical variation adds variety to the pages
An easy way to add a lot of grim atmosphere to any journey
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